“Shiver” by Maggie Stiefvater


So my first question with this book was how the heck to you say the author’s last name? Thankfully, she has a fantastic FAQ section on her website, and the answer is steve-otter. So there’s that bit of helpfulness for when you go request it (you should have seen me stumbling over the name to the B&N salesguy as I juggled a bag full of children’s picture books, two kids running around and a squirmy infant… one of those awesome mom moments where I wonder again why I don’t just bite the bullet and get a stroller…but the salesguy found it for me. Thanks Mr. Man!)

This is one of those novels that I’ve been hyped up about, mainly because I follow Maggie’s blog and was SO impressed by her own production of her book trailer (which includes hand-cut stop-motion awesomeness). Watch and enjoy:

As you can imagine, the hype had me excited but a little worried. I’ve been aware of this book for a few months, but would it actually be as awesome as I had been led to believe? When Anthony finally bought the book for me last weekend, I had my answer:


The story is about an introverted, independent girl named Grace who was attacked by a wolf pack when she was a child. But she was rescued by one of the wolves who dragged her away from the pack and brought her back to the safety of her yard. Through the years, Grace has never forgotten her yellow-eyed hero and sees him every winter as he continues to guard her in the woods surrounding her house.

What Grace doesn’t know is that her wolf is actually a werewolf named Sam who wants nothing more than to have a normal, human life with Grace. But when the werewolf pack is attacked by hunters, Sam (as a human) is thrown into Grace’s life, and that is when love begins to grow.

What I loved about this book:

  • Stiefvater’s prose is beautiful, elegant and unique. I very rarely want to re-read lines/paragraphs in YA novels, but I was frequently going over sections in “Shiver” again thinking “how in the world did she come up with that line?”. Maggie is to my writing what beautiful women are to my self-esteem: humbling!
  • The dialogue is very realistic and believable.
  • There’s plenty of kissing, and only one sex scene that is very tactfully (cleanly) written (meaning, if it was a movie, you’d see them get in bed and then the camera would pan to the curtains… no graphic details)

What I didn’t love:

  • Grace’s parents are hopelessly out of touch with their daughter’s life. There’s a period in the novel where Grace has virtually no contact with her parents for an entire week. A week in which her car breaks down and she buys a new one because she has her dad’s checkbook with her. Huh?
  • Towards the end of the book, one of Grace’s friends is bitten by another werewolf, which seems like that should be a really big deal (at least I wanted more details!), but it just happens and she goes on her (not so) merry way. I would have loved more about it, but maybe that will come up in the next book. (I really hope it does!)

But my overall impression is that this is a fantastic novel. I was totally entertained and now I really can’t wait until September when the second book in the series, “Linger”, is released!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Does this sound like a book you’d like to read? Please leave your comments!


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  1. Wow that book trailer was AMAZING! I’ve been having a hard time understanding the point of the book trailers sincethey are so incredibly cheesy 100% of thetime, but that was beautiful. I’m now fascinated, thank you

  2. I’m glad you liked it, Kati. I agree, the book trailers are not usually awesome (as your wonderful sister points out. often.), but I think the sheer amount of creativity that went into this one is just amazing. I hope you get to read it soon! =)

  3. This is one of my favorite books. Lots of fun. Personally I liked how it went back and fourth between the two main characters narrating the story. It was great to get both points of view. You should try her other series too. Lament and Ballad. Glad you liked i!

    • daniellaindie

      As luck would have it, Di, I was at the library today and grabbed both “Lament” and “Ballad”!! Yay for weekend reads! And I’m glad you mentioned the dual perspectives, I really liked that, too.

      How’s moving going?

  4. I. Want. To. Read. This. Desperately.

    Maybe while I’m on vacation next week? Hmm…not likely, but here’s to crossed fingers and wishing-well wishes.

    Also, I’m pushing my highlight of your FANTASTIC bread recipe post to a couple weeks away–I’d like to do it the same week we review the Idiot all together. Are you almost ready???


  5. Mary, I’m really hoping you:
    a) get a nice, restful, long vacation next week
    b) find this book! You’d love it, I’m quite sure!

    And, oh, The Idiot. Have you finished it? I can. I will. This week. Yes. I’m interested, but not enough. I keep falling asleep when I sit down to read it. Unlike YA, which I can stay up late enjoying, The Idiot is like wine and me late at night: instant sleepage. =P

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