PSA for all the TwiFreaks…

I just love this stuff. And, since I’m loving Maggie Stiefvater (oh, you haven’t noticed?), it’s only appropriate for me to share her wonderful PSA with you. Enjoy. And post your comments on what you think the “next” paranormal romance creature should be (I’m taking notes)!


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I'm Anthony’s wife, and mother to Jonathan, Hannah, Joshua, and Isabella. When not making PBJs and cleaning, I like to write, immerse myself in a good book, play my piano, or plan epic couponing trips.

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  1. I have decided that I really like her a lot. 🙂 My “book” is about elves. Sort of. So. There’s an option. Though I’m not really shooting for that to be the next “thing” as then my manuscript will disappear into a sea of pointed ears and thousand year old trees.

  2. This was super cute. I love Maggie’s quirkiness :-).

    I’m still thinking the next “hit” thing will be mermaids… Don’t knock it; I called it ;-).

  3. Mermaids? So already done! OK, well, I guess that vampires are done (Dracula?), elves are done (LOTR and Emily’s book), trolls are done (oh wait! but my book’s not out yet… anyways, LOTR again), so… mermaids (I’m guessing not the “Part of Your World” Ariel ones, yes?). Mary, are there mermaids in YOUR book? Do the mermaids fall in love with Adonis-like vampires? =P

    A funny: Anthony totally didn’t get Maggie’s goofiness. He kept asking “why are you making me watch this? It’s just flash cards! Why doesn’t she say something?”. Sadly, no flashy sounds means he’s not interested. Such. a. guy.

  4. Love it – I think it’s the funniest thing ever… promptly watched her other videos, and finally have read shiver. I love her too 🙂

    • daniellaindie

      Yay Lori!! I’m reading “Lament” right now, from her other series and really enjoying it! Glad you love her! A little easier on the brain than that Dostoyevsky guy Mary made us read, huh? =)

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