Yes, I am awesome, thank you!

Just a quick note today to let you know that it isn’t wrong that I think I’m awesome. Because, gosh darn it, I AM! Not only have I birthed three amazingly beautiful children (yeah. birth. do I seriously need to say more?). And I got a degree (which was really harder than it seems). And THEN… I lost 30 pounds. Yup. 30. Just hit that number the other day and was SO excited! I’m not skinny or anything (um, YET), but I’m definitely on my way. And I’m really excited about this weight loss! I have always had a really hard time losing weight (this has everything to do with the fact that a) I love food and b) my husband is a total foodie and cooks awesomeness all the time) but this time, I’m RUNNING! And it’s burning all the extra food away. Somehow, I think that the running is actually brainwashing me, sometimes. Because the other day, there were these chocolate yummy things (that usually wouldn’t last a second around me), but I really, truly, honestly didn’t want them. SO. Weird. So I’m running and not craving chocolate anymore. And that’s my secret. Also, I am awesome. In case you forgot. 😀

Update: Picture of Me.

Me today... 30 pounds lighter!

Me today... 30 pounds lighter!

What I love to listen to when I run:

Podrunner Intervals from DJ Steveboy

My new theme song:

No Way Back by Foo Fighters


About daniellaindie

I'm Anthony’s wife, and mother to Jonathan, Hannah, Joshua, and Isabella. When not making PBJs and cleaning, I like to write, immerse myself in a good book, play my piano, or plan epic couponing trips.

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  1. Yes, my girl, you are soooo awesome!

  2. Yep, you ARE awesome. Totally agree.

    So far I’ve not converted to the running addicted clans in my neck of the woods–they’re crazy committed. I DO run. But I hate it. Every single second. But I keep at it because it’s my attempt at a healthier lifestyle. And I definitely notice my craving for healthy foods goes up and the interest in not-so-healthy tasty things diminishes. Which rocks. So YAY for working your butt off and relishing in the results! I’m super excited for you :-)!!!

  3. Um… Well I wanted to comment, then realized that the only other women in my family already had, decided not to and then realized I was being weird. Anyway, BRAVO! This is awesome! And you are amazing, that degree IS harder then it sounds, so my respect for you is through the roof. Also, I’m slightly jealous that running is helping cut the sweets, I seem to crave sugar MORE when I’m done with a run.

  4. Congrats!!! You are working so hard in your life and it shows. So inspired by your hard work!!

  5. daniellaindie

    Oh wow! I’ve got the Gaddis women trifecta! =) Thanks for the encouragement, ladies, I really appreciate it!

    Mary: try the podcasts when you run. I really hate running for the sake of running. But somehow, running to music really helps me keep my mind off the fact that I am running.

    Kati: According to Anthony (who has a degree in sports stuff), the best thing after exercising is chocolate milk. Sugar and protein. Even better than Gatorade. So there you go! =)

    And Melody, thanks for turning me on to the Couch to 5K program. I’m sticking to it, and it’s working!!

  6. seriously dani… aMMAzing…

  7. Congrats! I know how great it feels to drop a few pounds 🙂

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