“Outlander” – A Review

***This is an ADULT novel! It has a. whole. lot. of. sex. The majority of it is “married” sex, but there are also scenes of sexual assaults, which could be incredibly disturbing to an unsuspecting reader. So this is most certainly an adult novel, and I figured I’d give you fair warning.***

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World War II is over, and combat nurse Claire Randall and her veteran husband, Frank, journey to Inverness, Scotland for a second honeymoon. The War interrupted their budding marriage and altered both of them as war does, but they are trying to reconnect with one another. While Claire searches for herbs and local remedies to help cure her possible infertility, Frank studies his family history with a vicar, researching interesting facts about his infamous ancestor, Black Jack Randall.

Out for a walk by herself one afternoon, Claire visits a hill of standing stones where she and Frank once watched a neopagan sunrise ritual. But when she touches one of the stones, she suddenly finds herself falling down the hill in the dark of night and the world has changed completely. When she stops at the bottom of the hill, she runs into Frank… or so she thinks. Kilted men on horseback rescue her from attempted rape by the familiar-looking man, who is actually Black Jack Randall. Before long, Claire realizes that she has somehow fallen back in time to 1743, and she is immediately taken far up to the highlands with the Scottish cattle rustlers before she can return to the standing stones and her way back to her own time.

Throughout the story, Claire tries to keep her secret while both looking for a way to get back to her own time, and slowly falling in love with the highlanders who take her in. She’s given an occupation as a healer, and uses her modern knowledge to help the people around her, all the while trying to conceal her true identity and protect the people she has become a part of from historical events that she knows are on the horizon. When she is compelled to marry the handsome Jamie Frasier or be turned over to the authorities (and the evil Jack Randall), Claire finds herself entangled in a complicated web of love, adventure, and terrifying knowledge of the future.

What I loved about this book:


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  1. I read this one too – and was kinda overwhelmed with all the sex…. but it was a good read besides the disturbing scenes. I can’t remember if I read the next one in the series – I think so. I either read it or I heard that there is hardly any sex in the subsequent books. It’s like she just reeled people in (who like that sort of thing) and then because we’re all hooked on the story, didn’t feel the need to focus on it so much in the rest of the series.
    Good review – I think it was over a year ago that I read it, but I may have to revisit the series. 🙂

  2. ROF,L! I don’t know who told you there’s no sex in the rest of the series, but….

    ….they lied!

    • Wow! I’m laughing, too, not only because of Lori’s comment and your response, but because I’m really glad it isn’t true! I enjoyed your book a LOT, but felt that I needed to give a bit of warning to my blog readers who are younger, especially since I’ve mostly reviewed YA books in the past. 🙂

      And thanks for commenting!

  3. Great review and great music to match! I agree with you–I like big, slow reads to supplement my YA tendencies. 😉 And that’s funny (what Lori said) because I’ve heard that too (about there being less sex in the subsequent novels). Huh. Well, I can now say that the author says differently!

    Hope everyone’s day is lovely. 😉

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