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Winds of Change…again

I could make this really dramatic, but these details are boring. Basically, I’m no longer employed. So for the first time, I am “just” a stay-at-home mom. I’ve always worked part-time, or been in school full-time since our kids were born. I went to work when Jonathan was 6 weeks old.

I’m thrilled.

Of course, there is the stark terror of losing 1/4 of our income. I’m not sure how the math is going to work out next month. And I keep having this compulsion to check my email (nope, nothing interesting) and I keep having the feeling that there’s SOMETHING ELSE I should be doing. I didn’t realize how much mental stress I was under while working from home. I actually cleaned the floors yesterday. All of them. And today, someone got jelly on the tile…so I was actually able to steam the floors AGAIN. I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned the floors two days in a row!

I’m spending lots of quality time with Josh and Izzy this week. Playing on the (super clean!) floor with them, reading to them, playing outside in the garden (although my lizard-hunting skills are really rusty). I have time to make dinner, make lunches, prep breakfast. I did ALL the laundry yesterday. And I’m almost done putting it ALL away. The last time I did that was…never.

I have TIME to coupon. I have TIME to blog. I have TIME to garden. I may even…gasp! have time to finish my book!

Oh the adventures! The drama!

I’m REALLY missing my big kids, though. With one car and their school 40 minutes away, they are gone as long as Anthony. Now that I can focus on my kids, I want them HERE with me….

Expect more from me in the future. I have time to explore my dreams. And I think it’s worth the trade off.

Teaching Izzy how to eat!

Loving Joshy’s wild side!

Missing my big kids!!


Mothers Need to Read!

This is a great article on the importance of mothers making time to read the classics and continuing their education at home alongside their children.  I have a degree in English, and I’m shocked at the number of classic books that I did NOT read during my formal education. Click the link to read some reasons why mothers reading is important and how mothers can make time to read (hint: it involves ignoring housework. I’m always OK with that!).  =)

Memoria Press: Classical Education.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

So here’s a total deviation from my usual posts: some cleaning tips I’ve discovered!

If you’ve known me for any amount of time at all, you know that I’m pretty crunchy, as in, I love to keep things in my life as natural as possible. OK, yes, I do have an issue with refined white sugar, but one thing at a time, right?  Since we have three young kids, and I have asthma, we try to stay away from harsh cleansers (although this isn’t always possible). Enter (dum-duh-da-daaa!) Essential Oils!

I was introduced to essential oils when I was a kid and my parents became Young Living distributers. Young Living sells therapeutic-grade essential oils, meaning that they extract their oils in such a fashion that it can be used in clinical settings, on the skin, and, in some cases, can be ingested. The benefits of using essential oils for home remedies quickly became apparent, and I was the resident oil expert in our home, pulling out my oily first aid kit at the first sign of any injury, ache or complaint. However, the cost of Young Living’s oils made me cautious to use them for any other purpose than on humans, although I did see that they could be used as household cleansers.

When we arrived in Arizona, my brilliant cousin pointed out that, when using oils for housework, you don’t have to use the high-end essential oils, the cheaper quality oils work just fine. Now why didn’t I think of that?

So, off she went to Sprouts Farmer’s Market, and returned armed with empty spray bottles and Lemon and Citronella essential oils from the inexpensive (but non-therapeutic-grade) Aura Cacia line.  We mixed 50 drops of Lemon with 25 drops of Citronella and added it to the almost-full spray bottle and used that mixture to attack the smokey smelling walls and blinds in our new apartment.  Now, this wasn’t a cure all, but after two applications of spraying and wiping down, the grime was dissolved and the smoke smell was significantly lessened. Now I keep a bottle with this same mixture under the kitchen sink, and use it to spray down the table and counters. The oils do a great job of loosening grease and sticky stuff, so I’m hardly ever needing to scrub at stubborn spots; they’re already being dissolved by the oils! The other perk is that I’m not worried about my kids getting this stuff on their skin, so I’ve been able to make cleaning the table my 2-year-old’s morning chore. Obviously, she still needs supervision, but she loves to spray and wipe!

The other blend that I use every day is my linen spray.  I added 75 drops of Peppermint, 25 drops of Rosemary and 25 drops of Eucalyptus to the water in the spray bottle and use it to spray down the beds before we make them every morning. The wonderful thing about this blend is that it smells so fresh and lovely, I generally want to get back in bed after I’ve sprayed! Plus, this blend is specifically hated by bed bugs (not that we have those). Also, I pour a little of this blend in the medicine cup of the kids humidifier at night, since all three of these essential oils are known to be beneficial to the respiratory system.

My third bottle contains a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar.  Although not an essential oil, I figured I couldn’t leave out my other secret weapon.  I use this mix to wash windows and do my FlyLady Swish and Swipe of the bathrooms.  It isn’t a lovely smell like my other sprays, but it cleans marvelously, and I just turn the fan on before I leave the bathroom and the smell evaporates quickly. White vinegar is known for it’s awesome powers as a “green cleaner“, and I can get a gallon of it for about $1, so it is totally worth checking out!

What tips have you discovered when cleaning with kids in the house?

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