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M. Christine Weber – You’re gonna want to know this author!

In addition to being the coolest children’s pastor on the planet, the best home-made latté maker I’ve ever met (and that’s saying something from this barista of 8 years), the most creative cook and certainly coolest Mom-friend I have, Ms. Weber is also a fantastic author. I know, because I’ve read two (but, sadly, only two) chapters of her current work-in-progress, and I’m SUPER impressed (and I really can’t wait for her to send me the NEXT two chapters… or the whole book… hint hint!).  Anyways, in honor of HER one-year blogoversary, she’s created a contest, which I am shamelessly joining in and I encourage you to check her out, too. That is all!  =)

My Blogoversary Giveaway! | M. Christine Weber.


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