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Coupon results 7/24/12

Coupon results 7/24/12

CVS & Walgreens 7/24/12

I’m not an expert on this couponing thing. I’ve read the books, I peruse the blogs, I drool over photos of expert couponers’ stockpiles and wish I could do the same thing. I do try, though, to save money where ever I can. Well, this last week, by some celestial alignment of paycheck, organization, planning, and kid-free moments, I managed to hit CVS and Walgreens and saved more than 90% on some pricey products that I usually just buy at the Dollar Tree.

Here’s how I did it.

CVS has a special bonus program where different products each week will earn you ExtraBucks (EBs). Walgreens has a similar program, where products will earn you RegisterRewards (RRs). When planning my shopping trips, I look through the weekly ads to see what products have EBs or RRs attached to them AND that I have coupons for. (Oh yeah, you have to get the Sunday paper to get coupons. I subscribe to the Sunday paper and my aunt and cousin save their coupon inserts for me, so I get 3 copies of the inserts). However, this planning and matching up coupons with EBs and RRs can take a LONG time, so I let other people do the hard work and check out couponing websites for the best match-ups.

There’s a million coupon sites out there, but hands-down, my favorite is because their site is super easy to use and has a fabulous search feature that lets me see exactly what I want. Also, when you click on CVS or Walgreens (or RiteAid, too, but we don’t have RiteAid in Arizona), the Krazy Ladies write up shopping plans for getting the most bang for $5. You can do this a few different ways. One strategy is to “roll” your transactions: buy a few items that will earn you rewards, then, take your rewards from that transaction and go purchase more items, paying for the second transaction with your rewards from the first transaction. That’s fun, but time consuming.

This week, I had all the kids with me on Friday, and didn’t want to spent 30 minutes at both stores rolling transactions, so I purchased all the items that had rewards AND that I had coupons for. Friday was pretty pricey:

CVS – $26.33 in product – $11.36 in coupons + $1.71 tax = paid $16.68 (40% savings) and received 6.75 ExtraBucks

Walgreens – $20.76 in product – $6.09 in coupons + $1.60 tax = paid $16.27 (27% savings) and received 10 RegisterRewards

On Sunday, the ads reset at the stores, so a whole new set of deals came out. I’d already spent our grocery budget, but because I had the EBs and RRs from Friday, I was able to use them to purchase the NEW deals for this week last night while Anthony watched the kids at home. I bought all the items shown in the photo at the top, and basically just had to pay the tax on everything. I learned last night that I’ll never be able to use coupons, EBs, or RRs to cover tax, which is kinda silly, I think. I had to scan my debit card to cover the tax last night (note to self: raid kids piggy bank for spare change next time).

Tuesday’s result:

CVS – after coupons and EBs: paid $2.62 (85% savings) and received 5 EBs

Walgreens – after coupons and RRs: paid $1.19 (94% savings) and received 4 RRs 

Yes, it takes some coordinating, planning, and QUIET (seriously, whenever I try to coupon WITH my 4 kids, I never save as much), but it is worth it to get NICE products (I’m so excited to shave with the Venus razor!).

So what do you think? Have you thought about couponing or actually started couponing? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you? What’s the best deal you’ve scored?


Makeup Monday! A CoverGirl Review

Obligatory disclaimer:

I received the SmokeyShadowBlast and the ShineBlast lipgloss for free from, where I regularly receive free products to review and evaluate. Yeah, it’s a really hard job, but someone has to review beauty products! This blog presents my honest opinion and I was not compensated (other than the free product) for giving a good or bad review. I purchased the LashBlastLuxe mascara on my own, but the final look needed mascara!

The products:

CoverGirl’s SmokeyShadowBlast eyeshadow (in Silver Sky, the tube on the right), ShineBlast (in Aglow, lip gloss on the left) and LashBlastLuxe mascara.

(You can find these products at the CoverGirl website or by just clicking on the picture)

The Naked Eyes

The Naked Eyes

Step One – all over color

I put the color primarily on my eyelids and then lightly up to my brow bone. For a more dramatic look, the color can also be applied under the lower lid as well.

Step 2 – Line and Define

The darker side of the applicator has a pointed edge to get into the crease of the eyelid and along the lash line. Again, for a more dramatic look, you can apply the color under the lower lashes.

Step 3: LashBlast Luxe Mascara

I probably should have curled my lashes before… I don’t know what it is but I have awesome curly hair on my head, but the straightest lashes ever!

Eyes Done:

The Completed Look with ShineBlast lipgloss

I realize that I did a very light application, but with this particular color (Silver Sky), it looks like I have a black eye if I go really dark (or perhaps this is just because I so rarely wear eye makeup).

What I love:

  • The SmokeyShadowBlast is SUPER easy to put on in a hurry. Because it’s the smokey look, I’m not too concerned about straight lines and all that. This is a huge plus when applying makeup while trying to breastfeed (or blog, or read, or cook dinner, or whatever else I’m trying to multitask at the time).
  • The ShadowBlast tube is thin and requires no extra equipment (brushes), so can go right in my purse next to the lipgloss (so long as I keep said purse away from my makeup-stealing 2-year-old).
  • The feel of the lipgloss. The applicator is soft and springy and the gloss itself is really light (you know how some glosses get sticky? this one totally doesn’t).

What I don’t love:

  • Perhaps because I live in Arizona where the heat melts everything, or perhaps because of a design flaw, the eye makeup creases really fast. I don’t normally wear foundation, but in order to get this stuff to stay where I put it, I have to put some foundation with a bit of powder on before application. It’s kind of annoying.
  • The pointed edge of the darker shadow was pretty much gone after the first few times I used it (and I wasn’t pressing very hard at all).
  • The lip gloss is almost too light, but I think I can just get a darker color (with my own money).
  • I still don’t look like Drew Barrymore when I’m done. =P

So there you have it! A product review with pictures! Tell me your thoughts: have you tried any of these products? What did you think? Which would you want to try?

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