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“True Blood” or The Sookie Stackhouse novels

I’m having a hard time understanding the “Dead” phenomenon. Southern writer Charlaine Harris has created an intensely vivid world where vampires are “out of the coffin” and walking the world, trying (or often not trying) to fit in with mainstream society. Sookie Stackhouse, a mind-reading waitress in a rural Louisiana bar, has an interesting life already (you know, because of the mind-reading thing), but becoming the girlfriend of the new vampire in town (a Southern gentleman named Bill) gives her life a whole new complexity.  My friend Diane gave me this boxed set of the novels the last week we were in California and I couldn’t wait to dig into them.  And not just because a few of my other fellow Twilighers were obsessing over the HBO version of the novels (“True Blood”).

I only got through the first 3 of them...

However, I really can’t, in all honesty, recommend these novels. If you’ve seen this commercial for the DVD release of Season 2, it pretty much sums up my review.

I’ve honestly felt like I needed to scrub my brain out with bleach after each book. And that’s not to say that the stories aren’t entertaining. They are. But the stuff that happens to and around the main characters is just too crazy for my taste! For instance, the second novel’s climax features Sookie and Bill’s boss (also a vampire) at an orgy. That’s bad enough without all the graphic description that goes along with it. Sookie is constantly getting beat up, bitten, captured, used, and basically tossed around. You want to root for her, but after a while, you just want to say “get away from the crazy vampires! You’re gonna die!!”

So, sorry to my pals who love the series, I just won’t be finishing it. And sorry to my pals who want to read it… there just isn’t enough good to make it worth all the filth.


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