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Yes, I am awesome, thank you!

Just a quick note today to let you know that it isn’t wrong that I think I’m awesome. Because, gosh darn it, I AM! Not only have I birthed three amazingly beautiful children (yeah. birth. do I seriously need to say more?). And I got a degree (which was really harder than it seems). And THEN… I lost 30 pounds. Yup. 30. Just hit that number the other day and was SO excited! I’m not skinny or anything (um, YET), but I’m definitely on my way. And I’m really excited about this weight loss! I have always had a really hard time losing weight (this has everything to do with the fact that a) I love food and b) my husband is a total foodie and cooks awesomeness all the time) but this time, I’m RUNNING! And it’s burning all the extra food away. Somehow, I think that the running is actually brainwashing me, sometimes. Because the other day, there were these chocolate yummy things (that usually wouldn’t last a second around me), but I really, truly, honestly didn’t want them. SO. Weird. So I’m running and not craving chocolate anymore. And that’s my secret. Also, I am awesome. In case you forgot. 😀

Update: Picture of Me.

Me today... 30 pounds lighter!

Me today... 30 pounds lighter!

What I love to listen to when I run:

Podrunner Intervals from DJ Steveboy

My new theme song:

No Way Back by Foo Fighters



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Quick weigh in today since I stayed late at work… the meeting was done, but they let me get on the scale anyways. One more pound gone! Hooray!

PLUS we got a gym membership at Kennedy… they’ve got a special for Mother’s day and Anthony and I are splitting the costs (yay dual income!)… and I got to work out today. Um, yeah, my arms hurt. I guess I was a little ambitious with the weights! Tomorrow I’ll meet my personal trainer who’ll help me get my butt in gear!

Growing and shrinking…

The Countdown – 4.0 pounds
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Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
Jonathan is going to be NINE months old this month. I can’t believe it at all!! Has it been that long already? Nine months ago I was hugely pregnant and HOT and tired and now I’m just huge and tired.

PLUS, Melanie is getting married (see count down) and I’m in the wedding. The other 19 year old girls in the bridal party will look amazing in the dresses Mel picked out and me… I’m going to look like a wine-colored tomato with a black girdle on.

SO, I’ve joined Weight Watchers. Cheezy and SO typical, but I needed to do something because where I work, the pounds just JUMP onto you. Yeah, a Frappuccino is 12 FREAKING POINTS.

If you feel like encouraging me, I could definately use it!

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