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Should Everything Be Done in Moderation?

After my 900+ word post yesterday, I’m gonna keep this one short and sweet.

To answer this question: no. Not EVERYTHING should be done in moderation. Some things, like eating or drinking adult beverages or playing Plants vs. Zombies SHOULD be done in moderation (these happen to be the things I’m currently struggling with… well, except the adult beverages. Being as I’m knocked up and all, but I almost tackled my husband for opening a Stella after dinner last night. Mmmm.).

Anyways, here’s my short list of things that should NOT be done in moderation.

  1. Reading. Fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, blogs… it’s good for your brain, it’s great for expanding your horizons. Don’t ever stop reading.
  2. Loving. Love is one of those amazing things that pays huge dividends, usually when you MOST need it.
  3. Singing. My husband *might* beg to differ on this one (he reminds me that our lives are NOT actually a musical), but signing can be the best way to express my soul. Even if it’s the tuneless humming that’s the result of sleepless nights soothing a sick child, I feel better when I’m creating music.
So there you go. Things to do in excess. How would YOU answer this question?

Rule breakers

There has to be a law out there, somewhere, stating that young children should not be allowed to get up before 6 AM on a Saturday morning. Mornings are my creative time, when I usually get my best writing done.

Sadly, my children have no respect for time decrees such as the 6 AM rule and always sabotage my attempts to luxuriate in bed with my laptop on the weekends. Promptly at 5:57 this morning, the baby starting “talking” (ma-ma-ma-MAAAA-ma-ma), the three-year-old climbed in bed asking for me to paint her fingernails, and the five-year-old wanted a schedule of the day’s events, and for that schedule to include a trip to the mall, the park, and the Wild West.

What I WISH they'd do more of...

What I WISH they'd do more of...

As I lay there, playing dead, wishing this would be the day when they would morph into those kids who play quietly in the other room, I had a revelation:

No freaking wonder I haven’t been able to write much lately.

I’m raising hyperactive, imaginative humans. And that takes a lot more creativity than any of my side projects. Because, really, in light of these incredible bundles of energy, my story is way down on the list of priorities.

So popping out of bed and enthusiastically mixing chocolate milk and cream cheesing bagels, I’m OK with just letting my need to write the next great work of fiction sleep in for a while. I’ve got a lot of life to manage.

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