Monthly Archives: March 2005

This Last Weekend

So apparently I’m a *cute* pregnant girl… I wore my new dress to church on Sunday, and I swear, I got more compliments than on my freakin’ wedding day! I have to figure out a way to wear that dress every day. Its just a black dress with tiny white polka dots and a pink ribbon in an empire waist… it makes my belly look SO much bigger! Haha. Plus, I think it actually is getting bigger, so that could be part of it. Anyways. I took a bunch of really cute pictures of Jeff, Carlie and their friends getting ready for the Grad Sunday night. I’ll have to download them later though, cuz Anthony has the camara at practice right now. So yep! Jonathan (this baby inside me) has learned how to flip and suddenly he’s a gymnast… its kinda funny, but I didn’t get any sleep last night cuz he was moving SO much. Aww the joys of pregnancy!

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