Monthly Archives: October 2005

Family Saturday

I’m so happy right now… Christopher’s home. Jeff’s playing guitar in the livingroom and Jonathan is totally facinated by it; sitting nestled in his Daddy’s arms. Beautiful music fills the house, my family is together and (for once) getting along. My heart is full…


Bad Mommy

So I’ve been back to work for a week now and I think my son hates me.  He did really good the first two times I worked, and I think that it was because Anthony watched him.  I was thinking that he was doing good, but then I called my mom on my break today (Anthony was working) and she said that he’s been fussing all day long… he wasn’t sleeping, he barely ate and just wasn’t his usual happy self.  So when I got back here, he stopped fussing but he wouldn’t smile at me… just had this serious, sad look on his face.  I feel horrible.

To make everything worse, I LOVE being back at work, but am I just being selfish? They want to promote me to shift supervisor and I want to say yes, but not if my son is going to hate me!!!!

I hate that we have debts to pay, I hate that we never have extra money and I hate that I can’t work and keep my baby with me!  I tried a stay-at-home job and almost went bonkers from the lack of social interaction!


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