Monthly Archives: April 2005


So yeah, its been about a million years since I’ve written and I can’t really say that I’ve been BUSY… I’m pregnant and I sit around reading and watching movies. I do take a walk everyday, for those of you concerned about my couch potato status. I’ve been recently trying to deal with my alternating pride in my brothers’ accomplishments (basketball champs, homecoming king, talent show winners, mock rock winners, star of Footloose, etc.) and wondering what I could have done that would equal their feats. Dad’s so proud of them (and rightly so!), but has he ever been proud of me and the things I’ve done? I find myself trying to impress him in our conversations… using big words, talking about things that I don’t really care about, but I know that he does… only to have him say innane things like “I put this whole street underground in 1988” or something like that. Sigh. I’m 22, married and about to become a parent myself. Will I ever stop trying to impress him? Probably not. I know I’m not any less special than the boys, but he sure does make me feel that way. I think the only thing that he is proud of about me is the fact that I’m going to have a boy. I wonder if we were having a girl he would care much?

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