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18-month-old boy, cheesy eggs, bacon and water.

Is it just me, or is toddlerhood just one big mess that never gets totally cleaned up? I swear, the kid wears more food than he eats! And then there’s the all important, meals end dumping of the water into the food bits and splashing it everywhere. I’m sparing you the photo, because I’m quite sure you’ll want to enjoy your next bacon and eggs meal. =P

***There is no connecting these two paragraphs. In fact, the previous paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post. I just finished cleaning up the boy and had to say something about it. The real blog post actually starts below.***

I’m editing from home again. An online high school (and soon middle school!) based out of Chandler has hired me and this is the end of my first week of working for them.  See, this is the perfect job for me. It’s IMPORTANT for me to be critical of everything I see. It’s nice that my talent for being a nit-picky grammar bitch is finally paying off! And, as Anthony says, it’s important to keep my inner bitch happy.  =P

Speaking of staying happy, here’s one of two stacks of books by my bed that I’m planning on reading soon. This is the fiction stack:


Books to Read: Fiction

Yeah, I know “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” has been on my “currently reading” status for a few months, but I seriously can’t get into it and keep setting it aside for other books (like the smutty-but-sinfully-entertaining Black Dagger Brotherhood novels Anthony got me… not that I’m recommending them at all). And Sherrilyn Kenyon much? One of the Borders in Mesa was closing, so I got those 3 books plus 2 others for less than $15. Pretty good, no?
And for the non-fiction stack:

The "Make Me a Better Mommy" stack

Notice the theme? Yes, we’re considering a Montessori school for Jonathan for Fall. Even if we decide to keep him home, I’m totally fascinated by the Montessori method, and being the nerd I am, I’m researching the crud out of it.  Thanks to my pal Jamie Jarmin for loaning me the top 4 books in this stack. I promise I’ll get through them soon!
And last, but not least, I think we’re going to buy a newer van this weekend, and I’m super stoked, especially since we’re planning a trip out to California in a few weeks!
So there’s my weekend update. What’s your week been like? Any good books in your to-read stack?


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