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Living in a Baby Bubble

Since we moved a few days before Jonathan was born, our house isn’t really set up yet.  And since we’re not very well off, we don’t have a TV.  So we have to rely on our families to keep us informed on the rest of the world.  Each weekend we spend with either my family or Anthony’s and catch up on the news.

Today I was shocked… I knew that there had been a hurricane in the South, but it wasn’t until watching MSNBC and FOX this afternoon at my inlaw’s that I realized how horrible it all is.  I don’t have any other way of knowing, but it just seems like I SHOULD have known somehow… wouldn’t the sky go dark and the birds not sing so nice when something this awful has happened?  Sorry for ripping on my husband that last blog… who even cares about house chores when wives in the South no longer HAVE husbands to whine about?  Footage of mothers feeding their infants from tin foil ration sacks… trying to keep their little butts dry and clean without diapers and wipes… attempting to be strong and couragous when I’m sure they’re at their breaking point.  One shot of a young mother with a tiny baby girl that couldn’t have been more than two weeks old is burned in my memory.  What if that was me?

If it wasn’t for the grace of God, that could have been me.  I’m so selfish.  I’m so sorry.


Wanted: Maid

OK, I’m married to a wonderful, amazing man.  However, he is incapable of noticing messes that he makes.  He leaves the cap off the toothpaste tube (that he squeezes from the middle… grrr) and leaves unused toothpaste plastered to the sides of the sink, puts plates in the sink with food still stuck to it, drops his clothes by the side of his bed (and then gets mad when he doesn’t have anything clean to wear) and leaves his underwear in the bathroom after his morning shower. I have tried nagging him, but that didn’t go over well.  Then I decided that I wouldn’t clean up after him and just let it get so bad that he would have to pick up after himself.  But he didn’t notice and I got sick of the smell after a few weeks so I ended up cleaning up after him anyways.

Before Jonathan was born, this was a problem.  Now that Jonathan is here and my days are completely consumed with changing, feeding, burping, bathing and rocking to sleep, its a catastrophe.  I think we have a week’s worth of dishes on the side of our sink.  I was able to do laundry on Saturday, but everytime I start to put those clean clothes away, the baby starts crying for something, so we have lots of clean clothes on the floor.  Not to mention that every person who comes over to visit brings us a gift.  I have approximately 12 gift bags in front of our closet that I’m scared to put away because I’ll forget who gave us what and to whom I need to send a thank-you card.  Sigh.

So my solution is that I need a maid.  I don’t have any money to pay a maid, but if you know of someone who just loves to clean up after a tired mommy and a messy daddy, please give them my email.  I’d love to hire them.

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