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NaNoWriMo Week 1

Week 1 is over.

I haven’t written as much as I expected to write at this point, but Very Sick Children have taken up residence in my house, so I’ve chosen to spend more of my spare time taking care of them (which, in the case of 2-year-old Joshua, has meant holding his fussy little self a lot).

However, the last few days I did something I probably should have done BEFORE I started this crazy shindig: I outlined! I honestly didn’t do much outlining in my writing endeavors before, and usually got high grades for my work. But writing a novel is a whole different animal than regurgitating lectured material back to a teacher. First of all, the scope and sheer size of this thing (50k words in a month?) is insane. My Senior Project was 25 pages long (about 10k words) and I had an entire summer to write it. And still barely got it in on time (this is mostly due to the fact that I HATED my senior project which was LONGER than my actual text: “The Second Nun’s Tale” from Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales.” And no, I don’t ever want to read Chaucer again, thankyouverymuch).

Anyways, spending precious hours outlining this weekend gave me a very nice, clear road map to how SPECIFICALLY I was going to get my character from point A to point B. And something magical (or really obvious) happened when I outlined: I found A Plot Hole. Oh yes. And I wasn’t sure what to do about the Plot Hole, but I was very tired (I woke up with Very Sick Joshua at 3 and started outlining at 3:30). So instead of sitting there in front of my notebook and trying to force the Plot Hole to fix itself, I went back to sleep. Lo and behold, my subconscious very kindly took over for me, and while I slept, I dreamed up the perfect Plot Hole Patch and woke up with the sunrise very rested and cheerful that I knew how to fix my little problem!

So, although my word count currently stands at 7,000 and I was supposed to crack the 10k mark yesterday, I’m not too worried. Time with Very Sick Kids is always time well spent, and time spent with a real paper and pen to outline the story was VERY well spent.

I do have to say that my handsome husband, Anthony, has been very awesome about me sneaking away from him and the children for 15 minute spurts to type away. He even helped me name a character that popped up yesterday and discuss the intricacies of a sticky plot point I’m considering. What a guy!

And now, for your little teaser. The opening paragraph to this work of art I’m crafting.

It’s bad enough that the world fell apart last year, but the fact that my iPod died and I’m in the middle of a god-forsaken forest, miles from my charger does not make the situation any better. So now I’m staring down the rest of the afternoon of mind-numbing work with no source of entertainment whatsoever. Awesome. Maggie fail. 


National Novel Writing Month (or Dani’s Totally Insane Mission)

OK, faithful blog readers, here’s my latest self-torture scheme:

I want to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November, joining a bunch of other crazies in a 30 day challenge of literary abandon known across the interwebs as NaNoWriMo.

Last night was Day 2, and I didn’t quite make my word count goal for the day (3,203), but I shamelessly blame Anthony for turning on “Iron Man” before I was done writing for the night. And seriously, who can concentrate when Robert Downey Jr. is being his arrogant, sexy self right in your very own living room?

*Ahem.* First excuse out of the way.

Here’s where I need you, your comments, quips, encouragement, and outright mockery (Christopher, Uncle Rusty, I’m talking to you) to get me through this month. Throughout the month, feel free to check in on me (I’ll post nightly word counts on Facebook and Twitter, with my weekly totals going up on this blog Saturday night), but don’t expect much response from me until December 1st.

Here’s my daily word count goals:

1 1667 11 18337 21 35007
2 3334 12 20004 22 3667
3 5001 13 21671 23 38341
4 6668 14 23338 24 40008
5 8335 15 25005 25 41675
6 10002 16 26672 26 43342
7 11669 17 28339 27 45009
8 13336 18 30006 28 46676
9 15003 19 31673 29 48343
10 16670 20 33340 30 50000 +
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